I know, you all love them.  I love them, your Grandma loves them, we all do, polaroids.  We have been working on a polaroid invite for quite a long time, and we finally found a way to evoke a polaroid picture without being too literal, while still giving it that feeling of excitement and nostalgia the great Polaroid evokes.

We start with the sleeve, and inside we'll put your picture, invite, and postcard rsvp, all put together with a matching Open sticker.   If you don't have a photo, we can do an illustration as well.

The sleeve is made with a wonderful cotton soft, cotton stock.  The photo is printed on a high quality glossy stock, and the invite and rsvp are printed on our thick and sturdy Linen stock.

For a simpler approach, we also offer a flat polaroid, which can have your date names, or "save the date" written on the bottom.  Printed on our nice Linen stock.  Can be printed as postcards or sent with envelopes.

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  1. I'm a calligrapher and one of my clients used these as her invitation. I was flipping out over how much I loved them...and then stumbled upon your etsy shop! Yeah! Love your work =)
    Megan Wells