New Additions

For our newest additions to the shop, we've added some more interactive invitations that are more than just a flat 5x7 card (not that there's anything wrong with that mind you).

The map design is an older design we had in the shop redone.  A folded up 11x17 map, tied up together with matching twine and tag.

This is a simple folded heart invitation, great for valentines too.

And to celebrate the coming of summer, a whimsical little kit invitation.

We have also updated our long loved Cecil and Elliot design.  The couple is customized to look like you, we can add pets, we can add your venue on the hill, or we can start from scratch and make a completely custom background.

PS this makes a great little print for your home after the wedding.

We've also added colored envelopes included in the price for some of our invites.

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  1. These are absolutely breathtaking. Do you guys print yourselves, or work with someone local?