Etsy Holiday Shop

Etsy had it's very first pop up shop for 10 days in Soho this month, called the Etsy Holiday Shop.  For each of those days they asked one artist to come in and paint a live mural.  We were lucky enough to be chosen for one of those days!  Nervousness ensued, who would we do?  The first person that came to mind, someone who is an inspiration to both of us, was Wes Anderson.  We debated and went back and forth a lot, too obvious?  Will they just roll their eyes?  In the end, we decided it was best to go with who we both felt has influenced both of our work the most.  So we stuck with our guns, and I'm glad we did.  Seth designed the mural and I helped him paint it.  We spent the entire day, a whole 12 hours, painting away in the display window.  The shop itself was amazing, so many cute things being sold, speakers, musicians, pretty cool, we were so happy to be a part of it.

So here it is, our mural!  Can you tell what movie each symbol is from, or which movie the quote is from?

And here's a video of how it all went down.