Meet our illustrators

I am a photographer, Seth is a graphic designer, what we are not is painters.  I have always wished for this skill but I am lacking greatly in the paintbrush department.  We love the look of illustrated invitations, so we have teamed up with 2 very talented and different illustrators to help us out on this end.

Brady has been doing illustrations with us for a couple of years now.  We have been good friends with Brady since college and have always loved his style.  He is an amazing print maker, which is no easy feat.  You can view his other work on his website, but here are some of my favorites:

This is the invitation he made for us, you can see more examples here.

Our other illustrator is Kelsey, a fellow etsian who specializes in prints.  She contacted us a while ago about doing a collaboration, and it just so happened we were looking for another illustrator, and we were so excited when we found we absolutely loved all of her work.  See her shop here.  I would put all of these up in my house. 

And here is the wonderful invitation she's made for our shop:

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