For our music lovers.

We've had this idea to make a record invitation for a very long time, and we finally got around to making it! I couldn't be happier with it. Seth spent a bit of time looking up vintage records to get the inspiration for the sleeve design, and we also wanted it to an interactive invitation, instead of just showing a record, you actually pull the record out of it's sleeve.


  1. okay, the record invites...GENIUS! I totally want that when i get married'll be hearing from me. ;)

  2. hello! just found your blog and absolutely adore your art. this record invite is delightful! so much fun! i can't wait to stop back and see more of your new work. best wishes!

  3. I love the record invites. I'll be getting in touch with you about getting some once I get engaged and we pick a date. :) They're amazing!!!

  4. That record invitation is beyond adorable! I've never seen anything like it-- fabulous work!

    (Love the blog, too.)


  5. I am always planning the perfect wedding in my head and your record invites are the new dream invites!

  6. Hello there,

    just wanna say that i love your designs, featured it today on my blog (

    i would also love to feature your shop in an interview if it's okay. let me know and ill be happy to send you the interview questions:)

    Have a great day:)

  7. I just write U on Etsy but... it's my first time and maybe I don't do it well, so... I rewrite U here :)

    We're a catalan couple (from Barcelona), and we are really interested on your invitations. they're beautiful and original. we're getting married on april 2012, but we want to know if you can design our invitations in catalan and if you can send us a sample (no matter the language), and, of course, if it's possible to make 100-120 invitations and send it to barcelona. Ah! and how much it costs.
    Thank you very much and congratulations for your designs.

    PD: sorry for my english

    Paula & Francesc (